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The Latest TV Clip For The Woman In Black Is Here - And It Rhymes!

As February 3rd draws closer, another TV clip to help stir the interest in The Woman in Black has arrived in our inbox - and we have all 30 seconds of it here for your viewing pleasure.

"During afternoon tea, there's a shift in the air. A bone trembling chill that tells you she's there. There are those who believe that the whole town is cursed. But the house in the marsh is by far the worst. What she wants is unknown, but she always comes back, the specter of darkness - The Woman in Black. "

The Woman in Black follows a young lawyer, Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), who is ordered to travel to a remote corner of the UK and sort out a recently deceased client’s papers. As he works alone in an old and isolated house, Kipps begins to uncover its tragic secrets, and his unease grows when he discovers that the local village is held hostage by the ghost of a scorned woman set on vengeance.

Ciaran Hinds, Janet McTeer, Liz White, Alisa Khazanova, Tim McMullan, Roger Allam, Daniel Cerqueira, Shaun Dooley, Mary Stockley, Cathy Sara, David Burke, Victor McGuire, and Lucy May Barker star. Eden Lake's James Watkins is at the directorial helm with a screenplay written by Jane Goldman.

Source: HorrorBid
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