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Blockbuster Online: The Worst Service Imaginable

I’m one of the hundreds of thousands who jumped ship when Netflix ratcheted up their prices some months ago. At the time, I condered it a wise maneuver and a personal ‘Fuck You!’ to a company demanding more finances in exchange for virtually zero added perks. So as you most certainly know (at least, if you frequently rent movies), that left me with very few options; Redbox and Blockbuster Online were left leading the alternative charge. I do frequent local Redbox’s, though they’re obviously extremely limited in regards to selection, especially if the heart deres a film released pre-2008. It should also be no shock to learn that I gned up with Blockbuster Online in the hopes of getting my hands on some past releases not available anywhere locally.

Now months distanced from these decions, I’ve begun to question my actions, as, whether I enjoy admitting it or not, Netflix offers the far superior buness practices, overall customer interaction and reliability. In fact, I’m quite baffled by just how incompetent Blockbuster Online truly is; if ever a company has compelled a consumer to “cheat” or commit piracy, it’s BBO, as no one enjoys waiting weeks on end to view a highly anticipated film, especially when there’s no legitimate reason for the wait.

Having gned up with the service months ago I’ve already accumulated numerous examples of shoddy buness practices, but I’ll keep it real mple and just provide you with two facts that should leave your head spinning faster than Regan MacNeil’s. I gned up for the service on October 5th; I’ve received three DVD’s nce. The last disc to land in my mailbox was Jim Gillespie’s backwoods monster flick, Venom. I shipped the film back to my providing distribution center (I use those last few words very loosely here), which just so happens to be located in Sacramento, California, 40 miles south of my current potion, on December 20th; Blockbuster reports that they got their hands on the DVD December 22nd. In my queue ts a handful of horror features, all of which have appeared as ‘Available’ (sans Bereavement, which changed today from ‘Available’ to ‘Short Wait’, though it’s not even the next film slated to be shipped) nce I added them, yet nothing has been shipped in my direction. For 12 days my account activity has sat stuck in a strangely one ded two step, and I’m not on the favorable end of this obnoxious affair.

I’m all for extending expected room for error and time off, given the holidays, but it’s been nearly two full weeks, and Blockbuster can’t manage to get a disc 40 miles in that time? I’m not going to say our postal service is exactly top notch around these parts, but Blockbuster (like most other companies offering the same or milar services) provides customers with an up to date tracking system (apparently the only one that works) that allows me, the consumer to see every date in which a disc is shipped or received. They’ve unraveled their own brand of ironic proof, as the system degned to make things convenient and current have proven the same means with which to examine their complete and utter ineptitude.

All the unprofesonalism I’ve experienced over the last few months got me to thinking: Perhaps there is a hidden agenda at the heart of this project. Perhaps, this apparent incompetence is merely a guise, applied with the intent of frustrating the public to the point of rage, prompting many to march their asses right down to their nearby BB distributor. Yes, Blockbuster may indeed have very little to do with actual film itself, and everything to do with (get ready for it)… weight loss! This must be a ploy to get the broke, frustrated, flustered overweight individuals off of the couch and into robostomp mode.

You clever SOB’s: you got me… I’ve got to give you that. But I’m officially on to your scheme. I see your intent, and I won’t deny the nobility in it, but I didn’t gn up for this either; I’m okay with my broke obese ass. In the end you’d better believe me: I do plan to invest more time in alerting the public to your true intent. For the time being however, I think I’ll cancel my membership, walk to the nearest Netflix distributor (also in Sacramento; never had any gnificant issues with shipping, not even during the holiday seasons may I add) and apologize for parting ways with them to begin with.

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Matt_Molgaard Wednesday 1/04/2012 at 01:54 AM | 88956
Good read. I been wondering about BBO but never looked into it. I'm going to stay with Netflix.
DoubleshotJ Wednesday 1/04/2012 at 02:29 AM | 88958
I too got rid of Netflix when they upped their prices ridiculously. I've been thinking about this, but I guess I should just keep on blind-buying until Netflix wises up and lowers their prices again.
ObscureCinema101 Wednesday 1/04/2012 at 02:40 AM | 88959
Interesting to hear of these problems. Ive never used Netflix so I have nothing to compare it to but Ive been ung Blockbuster Online for close to a year now and ade from the fact that more that a few titles have been listed as "Short Wait" for the entire time Ive been a member, Ive always gotten discs shipped to me very quickly. For the small price I pay per month, Im content with the service. I just wish the selection was a bit wider.
NorallecoN Wednesday 1/04/2012 at 04:21 AM | 88967
i stayed with Netflix even after the split, price hike then remarriage... Sounds to me by listening to your experience, that i'm glad i did. My only gripe with Netflix is i wish they had more streaming titles, particularly more new releases available to stream.
jswaffxxx Wednesday 1/04/2012 at 08:29 AM | 88972
I'm having the same issue with GameFly. It usually takes about 2 week process of me mailing my game back, them to receive it, pick out my next game on my queue, then mail it to me. I still want to know when Netflix will start offering video game rentals, because they said they were when they announced the Netflix Quicker crap. However, once all that blew up, they stopped talking about video games. I tell you this though, once Netflix gets video game rentals I'll be canceling GameFly real fast!
syko2k2 Wednesday 1/04/2012 at 11:00 AM | 88975
I had a bunch of issues also when I used blockbuster online, they would take forever to ship certain disks out to me. Also my queue would be updated saying they sent out a disk to me and it would take up to 3 days to receive it. Dropped there asses mid year last year.
Freddy-Fingers Wednesday 1/04/2012 at 05:42 PM | 88980
i had filed a complaint with them. Thought I'd share their terribly lame excuse for horrific buness practices

check out this quote from the email they sent me

nce you have fewer than 10 "Available" titles in queue, we may wait an extra day or two to ensure we're always shipping the titles you want most. To ensure constency in shipping, we recommend keeping 10 or more available titles in your Queue. You can also set your preferences for shipments based on speed vs. Queue order. Go to My Account; Manage Account Settings; and choose Speed vs. Queue ship preferences. We'll ship your next title(s) within 1 to 2 buness days once your queue meets our recommendations.

So, because I don't have a full 10 movies in my queue, they want to "wait an extra day or two" to send my movies. Well, in under two hours it will have been a full 14 days.

Take note guys, if you're getting miserable service, it may be because they want to wait, to make sure they're providing you with quality service. (disgusting)

If that's not the lamest excuse ever conjured up, I don't know what is.

For those questioning whether BBO is an option or not, keep this experience in mind at all times, and DO NOT GIVE BB YOUR HARD EARNED CASH SO THAT THEY CAN BLATANTLY DISRESPECT YOU AS A CONSUMER, TURN AROUND AND INSULT YOU WITH AN EXCUSE OF THIS NATURE.
Matt_Molgaard Thursday 1/05/2012 at 04:47 AM | 89003
I used BBO years ago and ummmmmm ya they suck
Johnny Bisco Monday 1/09/2012 at 08:29 PM | 89195