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Hot Toys Announces A New Line Of RoboCop Figures in 2012 - But Will We Get Cain?

2012 is already starting to look like a good year if your into collecting figures - which I'm sure you are if you're reading this.

In 2006, Hot Toys launched their very first RoboCop figure which much success. nce then we've seen their ability to develop mechanically-related figures improve ten-fold. (Check out their Iron Man series)

If your like me, then you've been longing to get your hands some more RoboCop figures, NECA responded in the later part of last year with a 7" veron of everyone's favorite crime fighter from Detroit, and now Hot Toys is happy to announce that they too will be putting their efforts into relaunching their own RoboCop series. This time around we'll be seeing a new RoboCop figure with Hot Toys most updated technology, as well as the 1/6th scale Cain figure from the second movie. Check out some teaser images below and check back daily for more information and images as they becomes available.

Source: TNI News
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