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Just In Time For Winter - The Human Centipede Hand Made Scarf

If you've been looking for a nice, cozy scarf to keep your neck warm through the grueling winter months ahead but unable to find the right degn, then look no further because we here at the 'Bid think we have just what your looking for. The Hand Made Human Centipede Crochet Scarf.

Made from soft acrylic yarn, this cutout style scarf is stylish and has a unique and twisted theme. Made with 12 tiny doll shapes and a hand embroidered digestion tract, in honor of the movie's sequel.

Colors: main in buff, outline in black, GI tract in red. Additional colors can be special order by clicking on the link below. Crochet work and degn by knottyfingers, degner of the infamous crochet Human Centipede dollie!

This scarf is hand made to order so please allow 1-2 weeks for me to make and ship your order.

Shipped through USPS with delivery confirmation (U.S. only)

International shipping available.

Length: 84" Width: 5"

For pricing info, or any other additional info click HERE.

Props go to Doctor Gash of DC for pointing us in the direction of this very cool item.

Source: DC
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