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Pre-Order Now: Mezco's Living Dead Dolls Thirteenth Anniversary Series VARIANT Set

In 1998 degners

Ed Long and Damien Glonek created the first form of Living Dead Dolls which were mply known as "handmades" to fans and collectors. These original handmade customized dolls were originally sold excluvely through Glonek's horror memorabilia mail order company Unearthly Possesons, as well as at various horror conventions along the East Coast. During one of these conventions, Mike "Mez" Markowitz, the founder of Mezco Toyz purchased one of the dolls and afterwards contacted Long and Glonek about manufacturing and distributing the dolls commercially, and the rest as they say is history.

Now to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the original 5 dolls created back in '98, Mezco is offering the Living Dead Dolls Thirteenth Anniversary Series Variant Set which is available for pre-order excluvely from Mezco Direct !

This special series pays tribute to the very first set of Living Dead Dolls which first thrilled collectors 13 years ago.

This is the first time in Living Dead Doll history that a complete series has been reissued. Unlike the Thirteenth anniversary series offered earlier this year, these reproductions of original Series 1 dolls replicate the paint ops, accessories, and packaging of the highly sought after inaugural series. These recreations are virtually identical to their originals except for the use of the new style ball jointed body. The lineup includes the 5 original Series 1 dolls:

Sadie- Accessories include knife, coffin purse, and bouquet. Posey- Comes complete with her rose. n- Comes complete with pitchfork. Eggzorcist- Comes complete with basket and overzed roach. Damien- Comes complete with his slingshot and trio of "books".

All the dolls will come individually packaged in black coffins, each with their own death certificate reproduced from the original series 1. Each coffin features authentic reproductions of the vintage chip art pulled from the archives.

Limited to just 240 sets worldwide.

Pre-order yours today by clicking this HERE.

Source: TNI News
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