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If A Film Like This Can Be Made, Than I Guess It's True, "EVIL LIVES" : Review

I don't have long to write this review, I slit my wrists as the credits started to roll, most people would of applauded, but I realized I don`t want to live in a world where Evil Lives can, well, live.

This bad boy comes in around 80 minutes, yet it feels like a lifetime. The idea behind the story is mple, and if this were a 30 minute Tales From The Crypt episode, it would of been awesome, but at 80 minutes, the movie just drags. The film is about author Richard Wayborn, who`s really an immortal who brings his wife back in the corpses of freshly killed girls, so they can bang. So yes, while the character is walking and talking, it`s just a possessed ghost, thank you for making me watch necrophilia. Richard gets hung up over this girl Sara, she finds out about him, no one believes her, some crappy love story with her and her ex boyfriend who`s a cop gets thrown in, and ta da, we have a movie.

The characters in this film are just so bland, and woodenly acted, that it`s imposble to care for them. There is no character arc throughout the film, and without growing with a character, why should we care? The boyfriend cop is one of the worst characters I have seen in a film in a long time, from the dialog to the acting, it feels like he was forced into the film just to achieve the ending.The film is so bad, it's not even laughably bad, except for the score. The score to the film makes it hard to tell if the film is trying to come off funny, or just poorly put together. The chase scene near the end of the film, which can hardly be called a chase, has muc that reminds me of Tom and Jerry blasting. Maybe the film is trying to get some laughs, but if so, stick to one thing, it keeps trying to be a serious movie, than has the weirdest out of place moments. Maybe I just don't get it, but I tried to be open minded about it.

The effects in this film, what limited effects there are, look terrible, with the exception of a random transformation scene in the end, which it starts to show, and then cuts away from.

The rest of the film is very light on the effects, to almost none existent, and your going to cut away from the big one? The back of the box has an image of said transformation scene, which really made me think this was going to be a mind fuck, effects filled film, and didn't deliver on that.

If it wasn't for the fact that there are five separate pairs of breasts in the film, the majority being earlier in, than I wouldn't have anything nice to say about the film at all. It really comes across as a wasted effort. I'd recommend staying away from Evil Lives, it's already claimed one victim this year, that's enough.

Score -

D- Gore - 1/10
HorrorDaily Thursday 1/12/2012 at 12:40 AM | 89324
Holy shit - I remember seeing this movie as a kid.....what a mistake. It's amazing just how bad this movie really is.
Nick Death Thursday 1/12/2012 at 07:25 AM | 89328