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Catch Up on All the Ball and Chain Show Insanity You've Missed! Ep. 4 COMING Saturday!

We’ll be unveiling our fourth episode of The Ball and Chain Podcast on Saturday, and we’ve got a fantastic show for you. The entire episode is dedicated to Scott Glosserman, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, and the highly anticipated sequel, Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon. We’ll be covering every base imaginable, and bringing you a near full hour long excluve interview with Glosserman himself, who is more than happy to dish on the sequel as well as the first Leslie Vernon flick, and believe me, you don’t want to miss it!

In the meantime, now is a good time to get familiar with our show, which plays out a bit like The Today Show meets Howard Stern. We’re offenve, pull no punches, completely disregard any attempt at being politically correct, consume obnoxious amounts of alcohol and perhaps best of all, feature excluve interviews with some of today’s true genre stars.

Here is a recap of all three previous episodes, as well as direct links to check out the hilarity you’ve been misng (BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE)

Episode 1 deets:

Mr. Dazed and Confused, accompanied by The Mistress of Oppreson set out to cover MTV’s “Death Valley”. We also count down our three favorite episodes of the season, and offer a lengthy one on one discuson with one of the stars of the series, Texas Battle (John-John), who’s also appeared in noteworthy genre features, Wrong Turn 2 and Final Destination 3. Also on tap for the inaugural episode is our B-Movie Madness Segment in which we chat, “Vampires and Other Stereotypes”. Of course, we’ll be covering our “Movie of the Week”, Rare Exports.

Download or stream episode 1 here

Or, you can choose the alternate path, and hit iTunes

Episode 2 deets:

Episode 2 features an excluve interview with Grimm/Drag Me to Hell's, Reggie Lee. We also discuss our B-Movie Madness selection of the week, “Chillerama”, the potential American Psycho remake, and – you bet - our "Movie of the Week" pick: the uber-badass Stake Land!

Download or stream episode 2 hereOr, you can choose the alternate path, and hit iTunes

Episode 3 deets:

Mr. Dazed and Confused and co-host, The Mistress of Oppreson, are both back on the microphones, pping loads of Grandma’s cough syrup, talking terror and giving the celebs a hard time in the process.

Episode three of The Ball and Chain Show is a bit of a special show, as we extended the show from 60 minutes to 90, lengthened our interview to 35 rewarding minutes and covered our Christmas horror lineup, which of course includes Bob Clark’s Black Christmas along with a handful of other quality seasonal picks. Also on tap is our movie of the week discuson, and this week we’re covering the Straw Dogs remake and breaking down the elements we liked, and those we (quite frankly) despised.

Before we bombard you with all that wondrous insanity, we’ve of course got to cover episode three’s focal topic. We figured nce we’d be sharing some time with Josh why not cover the Jeepers Creepers films? So, get ready to hear our thoughts on both features as well as plenty of crude humor and crass language; we keep it ANTI-PC!

Download or stream episode 3 here

Or, you can choose the alternate path, and hit iTunes

Be ready, episode 4 is less than 48 hours away from arriving on your PC/laptop/mobile devices, and it’s one damn fine episode that you must not miss!

Again, we strongly encourage you to subscribe to the Podbean te, the iTunes te, and of course, Like Us on Facebook For Fuck's Sake
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