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A Good Anthology Film Should Cover All ' SLICES OF LIFE" : Review

I'm a sucker for anthology films, the fact that it's split up into separate stories really stops from making the film feel like it's dragging on for too long, and allows for the pace, and tone of the film to change. Slices Of Life is a great low budget anthology film to check out if your

looking for something new.

The first story in Slices is Work Life. Work Life is the tale of William, a poorly treated, and never thought of office worker, who has no friends, and who's co-workers often make fun of. William accidentally sets lose a zombie like plague that spreads through email. For the first story, it was an alright start, it's not the best, and not the worse of the stories Slices will tell, and has some great gore, though a couple of the effects don't look so great due to the budget. I found the acting in this one to be hard to stand, it's clear that the office employees are trying to be over the top stereotypes, and I can see where it's meant to be funny, but it came off as annoying. All it all, a good story. B-.

The second story is Home Life, and I found this one to be the weakest of the three. Home Life is the story of Vonda, a pregnant woman who is almost due, and a series of child disappearances in the city. Vonda starts seeing the ghost of a misng child who may or may not exist. The effects in this one suffer the greatest out of all the stories, with the exception of a great scene of gore near the end of it. The aspect with the freaky ghostly children feel like elements borrowed from a J-horror film, such as Ju-on or Ringu, and play for a lot of the same scares. While the acting in this one isn't great, it's passable, and a lot better than Work Life. C.

The final story, and by far the best one, is Sex Life. Sex Life follows the story of Susan, a young woman who lives with a sexually abuve and alcoholic police officer. One day her brother comes home to find her getting raped, rapist uncle gets hit in head with frying pan, and the blings panic, and decide to take the car and run for it. When they realize that they are low on gas, they decide to get off the highway, and on a de street find a unconscious man, who they take to the hospital, and spend the night in his near by home. While looking around for money, and food, they come across the man's daughter, tied up and hidden in a room in the basement. I don't want to give any more of it away, but when this one starts to move, some of the craziest shit I could of dreamed up goes down, and it's awesome. Sex Life cracks the gore up to a ten, and while it's not the best quality, it still looks fucking great, it's over the top, it's campy, and it's a blast. The acting this time around is the best in the movie, with a great performance from the lovely Deneen Melody in the role of Susan. A.

Like many Anthology, there has to be something to tie the stories together, be it a comic book, a movie theater, or a sad attempt to distract a witch. Slices Of Life is tied together with the story of Sketcher. Mira, a gorgeous Kaylee Williams, wakes up outde a seedy motel, and can't remember a thing. The owner, Irma, tells Mira that she works here, and that while tending the front desk she draws a lot of stories, in these books that look strangely like the Necronomicon. When Mira starts to read a story, we get to watch said story, and when it's over, the characters from the story, show up at the motel. Interesting little story to tie it all together, with a decent pay off at the end. B-.

If your a fan of low budget horror done right, or anthologies,

you should definitively check out Slices Of Life. While not the best anthology out there, it would be great to see what director/writer Anthony G Sumner could do with a bigger budget.

Score - B- Gore - 10/10
HorrorDaily Sunday 1/15/2012 at 02:23 AM | 89480
sounds like something I could def get into
Matt_Molgaard Sunday 1/15/2012 at 06:05 PM | 89504