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'Visible Scars' Starring Tom Sizemore Completes Post-Production...Check Out The Trailer!

We just learned today that post-production has now officially completed for the forthcoming psychological thriller Vible Scars from filmmaker Richard Turke.

The film, which will now be headed to the festival circuit in hopes of landing a distribution deal, stars Tom zemore (Heat, Saving Private Ryan, Bottom Feeder), Jillian Murray, and Hannah Hall (Forrest Gump, The Virgin Suicides).Check out the latest trailer below:

Plot Synops:

Seventeen years ago, MIKE GILLIS killed a new mother of twin girls and took the babies to a house in the woods, claiming them as his own to appease his wife's dere for kids. After Mike committed multiple murders over seven years to "protect" the growing girls locked in the basement, even finally killing his wife, one day a fire in the house causes it to collapse on Mike and the twins. In present day, STACY WALKER flees to her uncle's old secluded cabin in those same woods to escape her abuve boyfriend. Once there, her head begins to clear and she feels free to be with her thoughts. That first night she is haunted by the ghosts of the little girls crying for their mother. Meanwhile, DETECTIVE BLACK is investigating the 17-year-old case of the twins' disappearance and their mother's murder. The cold trail suddenly turns warm when the case leads to the same secluded mountainous region where Stacy has escaped. As Stacy is beginning to figure out her life, as well as trying to unravel the mystery of her vions, Stacy's friends, unaware of her abused past, bring her boyfriend up to see her. Stacy is on the brink of insanity as the twin ghosts keep reappearing. As Black gets closer to the truth, Stacy finds herself in the middle of a murder spree.

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