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The Dead Will Make Contact This April: 'Episode 50' Is Coming To DVD

If your in the mood to see a creepily effective low-budget shocker...then look no further, because a very proming flick from the directing duo of Tess and Joe Smally is slated to hit DVD from Image Entertainment this April. Check out the details for Episode 50 below.

For three years and 49 episodes, 'Paranormal Inspectors' was America's number one reality TV ghost-hunting show. Masve audiences tuned in each time the team explored an alleged haunting. And on every occaon their investigations resulted in any supernatural claims being resoundingly debunked. But then something really weird happened. After the 50th show was filmed, the series was cancelled without explanation and the episode never aired. So what actually happened during that 50th investigation?

Following the tradition of such imaginative low-budget spookers as 'The Blair Witch Project', the 'Paranormal Activity' films and 'The Last Exorcism', co-directors Joe and Tess Smalley explore what transpires when hard-nosed science meets supernatural forces. Written by Ian Holt (co-author of the bestseller 'Dracula: The Un-Dead'), 'Episode 50' delivers the supernatural showdown we REALLY want to see on those reality TV ghost-hunt shows.

Josh Folan ("All My Children"), Chris Perry, Natalie Wetta, and Kiethan Hergott star.

Look for Episode 50 on DVD April 17th.

Source: HorrorBid
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