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Dennis Quaid Brings The Creepy in This New Clip From BENEATH THE DARKNESS

Small town mortician Ely makes a special vit to see his long-dead wife!

Directed by Martin Guigui and written by the late Bruce Wilkinson, Beneath the Darkness is a taut thriller pitting high school kids against a psychotic killer in a community where adults blindly refuse to see the ominous dangers right before their eyes.In the film Quaid plays Ely, the well-respected mortician of rustic Smithville Texas, where he was once a heralded high school football star. Among the kids, however, he is legendary for a more nister reason -- rumors that his house is haunted. The truth is, this pillar of the community is actually a flesh-and-blood monster who buries his victims alive; a sociopath who befriends adults and police while openly flaunting his murderous intentions to the youths. Beware Ely’s charming smile – it may be the last thing you see, looking up from your freshly dug grave...


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