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Two Thumbs Up For " THE GREY": Review

Liam Neeson, Liam Neeson, Liam Neeson, what can I say about you? From Jedi to father with a mison, to plane crash survivor, you never seem to disappoint. There is something about the way Liam Neeson looks that really allows you to believe that he is truly able to do the things that he is depicted as doing. The Grey, while a fantastically shot

film, filled with great performances from everyone, really is Liam Neeson's movie, and I for one, do not see a problem with it.The Grey is the story of a group of oil drillers, who's plane goes down, and their struggle to survive in the wilds of Alaska, while a pack of hungry wolves protecting their territory tries to kill them. There you go, there's the film in a nut shell, from that you know just what it is your getting in to, but of course, there's more to it than that. The Grey is really a film about it's characters, and their struggles, and the emotions they face while trying to survive, everything from fear, to anger, to sorrow.

The plane crash has been described as "doing for planes what Jaws did for swimming", and while I can understand where they are coming from with that, I personally didn't find the crash to be scary. But the scene immediately after with an unknown person on the flight dying, and Liam Neeson talking him though it, is one of the scariest death scenes I have seen in years, not because of the effects, but because of the emotions associated with everyone witnesng the event, including me in the audience. The effects in The Grey are great, it's gory than one would expect, with some rather disturbing scenes involving the wolves, and a fall. Normally I am not one to be bothered by heights, or falling, in movies or in real life, but there is a fall in this film that looks to be just about the most painful experience anyone could go through. The wolves are mostly cgi, and while not a huge fan of cgi, I didn't find myself bothered too much by it, nce the wolves are either moving to fast to really tell, or are stalking our characters in the shadows.The Grey is a great film, which anyone who is a fan of cinema in general should see. The characters are all great, and you will find yourself caring for all of them by the end, regardless of how they first present themselves. It's a film where it's easy to picture yourself going through the same experiences, and is utterly chilling because of it. The only thing I will say against the film, is that if you are depressed, don't watch it, as you'll be committing suicide shortly after. It's not a happy tale, it's a brutally honest look at what it takes to survive, and how some times it doesn't matter what you've gone through.

Score - A+ Gore - 7/10
HorrorDaily Tuesday 1/31/2012 at 10:26 PM | 90054