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ZOMBIE UNIVERSE--This One's Dedicated To The Undead Ones We Love

Often as it seems, there is an awesome amount of collectibles in our culture. Whether we need to pay the bills or mply don't have the money for it is another question, I went to a horror convention recently and it astounded me the level of cool items that you mply can't order online or go out and get.

One of these gems amongst the macabre happenings around me was the ultra-nice and equally excited-to-be-there-as-me Jeff Busch. Jeff specializes in the zombie genre, and he does it with unbelievable style. His gnature work is the handcrafted "Zombie Yearbook," which recalls all those sweet moments during/before xth period where you weren't worried about what was going to be for lunch, because mply you were it. Jeff also has a pretty sweet poster you can take away detailing all the types of zombies you're likely to run into. It's a neat find, Jeff also will give you upon request a custom zombie drawing on the insert of his Yearbook, (I've seen a zombie Winnie the Pooh, in a word: awesome). If you're a really daring zombie fan, you might be interested in the "self-portrait" where Jeff turns you into one of the undead. Any zombie fan will be sure not to miss this guys and work and check it out. There's a special "Valentine's Day"

(please leave the copyright intact!Thanks!) greetings card on his Facebook page that's a perfect fit for the horror fan/loved one in your life. As always Keep the screams a comin'.

Webte: Facebook:!/zombieuniverse
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