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Tales From the Script; A Documentary on the Brutal Grind In Screenwriting

Well it's not quite a real horror documentary like the ones we know and love, Tales from the Script (2010) profiles some of the most creative, influential, and downright innovative writers in Hollywood. Names such as John Carpenter, Frank Darabont, Mick Garris, John August, William Goldman, Shane Black and many others share their experiences in the painstaking and often horrific moments that go into making a movie come to life.

This documentary was shown to me by a colleague in college and made a really deep impreson not only to the aspiring screenwriter, but to all who are curious just how hard and difficult the movie buness can be. With the strict conduct that goes with working on a feature and the creative differences that come with working with director's and studios who don't share a milar vion, it's no surprise that a lot of today's brilliant writer's flock to TV. (Darabont to The Walking Dead for instance) The documentary delves on advice for tomorrows writers, politics, and just how different everything is today.Until the writer's strike until 2007, the writer of a movie wasn't even invited to the premier which is truly strange. A while back, I remember an interview with Lance Henriksen where he was asked about an adaptation from the Fox show Millenium he worked on being adapted to a movie. Lance acknowledged there was a webte bringing Frank Black into the spotlight, but Fox had sent the webte messages telling them to discontinue their campaign for the movie. This is a bit off topic, but when there's a fan following and people want something why not give it to them? Tales from the Script paints a picture of the Hollywood Monster and how the original story someone tells can be changed, or watered down, or not understood and made into an eaer sell.

It's no surprise that many turn to TV where creative control, character driven story, and groundbreaking things are happening. Look at Dexter, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and the plethora of other shows making a name and a difference. Check out the documentary if you've ever been curious about the movie buness it's a good piece. Until next time guys, keep the screams a comin.'
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