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Now Where Did My Cat Go? Oh Right, He Was Torn To Shreds By "CUJO" (Review)

They bring you you're slippers, they bring you the paper, they lay at you're feet: they are man's best friend right.....WRONG! If you're dog was like the 200 pound St. Bernard named Cujo he would have more then likely ripped you're throught out by now.

Cujo is the story of a dog who was bitten on the nose by a bat when he was chaseing a rabbit and soon devolpes rabies. Needless to say the dog goes mad, and kills anyone in it's path. The plot is that the dog's owner Joe Camber (played by Ed Lauter) works on cars for a little less then the guys in town, after hearing about this Vic Trenton (played By Daniel Hugh Kelly) takes his clasc Jaguar out to Joe's to be fixed. Soon Vic is told by his wife that her car has been acting up as well, having to go out of town for a meeting he tells her to take it to Cambers place. While Joe's family has went out of town to vit a loved one, Joe and his nighbor are killed by the rabid pooch. After showing up Donna (played by Dee Wallace) and her young son Tad (played by Danny Pintauro) find that there car will not start and wind up being held captive for three day's by the 200 pound beast.

The film does have a lot of back story involing an affair that takes place with Donna and Vic's best friend Steve Kemp (played by Christopher Stone) and the film does get a bit boring in spots but it makes up for it with scenes of the dog running it's masve head into the drivers de door of Dee Wallace's Ford Pinto leaving a nice, bloody dent. But there is one secne in the film that I did not like at all, the dog has just attacked and has bitten Dee Wallace on the thigh and as the young son and her start to panic the camrea starts to spin, I am not talking a slow spin - it is fast, it is confuseing, and it is LONG! It goes on for almost two minutes of the film!

The back story is okay but I don't quite see how it plays along with the main story, I mean the main story is abou Cujo the killer dog. The way I take it, Donna has been cheating on her husband and is now stuck out in the middle of no were with a killer rabid dog, is this a punishment for cheating? Or Just bad Karma?

My advice to you would be to definitely check this film or borrow it off a friend. Some hate it, some love it, and some just like it. I fall into the liking it crowd. I give it a solid 6 stars out of 10. And one other time you see a huge dog in a yard looking at you my advice would be not to pet it.
Chainsaw27 Monday 2/06/2012 at 09:54 AM | 90209
nice review :) always loved cujo, I think its one of the best yet mple ideas for a horror movie
darkbladeclan Monday 2/06/2012 at 10:06 PM | 90223
I own the special edition of this movie and I also own a Female St Bernard and they are nothing like the dog in this movie.They are one of the most beautiful,kindness animals you could ever find ever
Nightmareblade17 Monday 2/06/2012 at 11:24 PM | 90225
When I saw this movie as a kid, it made me not want to have a dog for a while, lol. Great film. And kudos to whoever trained that St. He played the part well.
aceofspades70 Tuesday 2/07/2012 at 12:02 AM | 90229