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A Deadly Secret Is Coming Home This April! 'Night Wolf' DVD Date Announced!

Previously known in the UK as 13Hrs, Night Wolf will now be officially be heading to DVD shelves in the US from Lionsgate on April 24th.

The werewolf flick from director Jonathan Glendening deals with Sarah (Isabella Calthorpe) who has avoided coming home to vit her family for quite some time. But when she finally does arrive, a storm is raging through her hometown, and she and her family find themselves isolated. As night falls, a bloodthirsty creature emerges and terrorizes the family. Trapped and scared, they must survive together to outwit the creature hunting them.

Gemma Atkinson, Tom Felton, Joshua Bowman, and Gabriel Thomson star. No details regarding bonus features have been made available at the moment.

Source: HorrorBid
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