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The Teaser Trailer For 'Devil In My Ride' Starring Sid Haig Arrives Online

Filmmaker Gary Michael Schultz has assembled a cast that consts of horror icon d Haig along with Frank Zieger, Erin Breen, Joey Bicicchi, and Llou Johnson to appear in his upcoming feature film Devil In My Ride.

The horror/comedy deals with a bride named Doreen, who becomes possessed by the devil at her wedding reception. And by the looks of the official teaser below, it looks like this movies gonna be a fun ride for all!

Plot Synops:

Doreen is about to marry the man of her dreams, Hank, a mild-mannered guy who is equally as excited about marrying Doreen. However, Doreen's older brother, a wild man named Travis who's been estranged from her for several years, shows up to make amends, but instead he accidentally curses her. Doreen is now possessed by the devil. In Las Vegas is a homeless man known as Johnny Priest, who is the last known person to perform an exorcism in America. It's up to Travis and Hank to put ade their differences and travel from Chicago to Las Vegas to get Doreen an exorcism before it's too late and her soul is lost forever.

Source: Official Devil In My Ride Webte
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