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You have just pulled into a slowly see it coming into view....a huge victorian style manon, it's furnished, a home worth well over a million dollars is on the market for $80,000 dollars.... a dream come true? For George and Kathy Lutz, and their three small children, it was a nightmare. This film is the "true" story of George and Kathy Lutz (played by James Brolin and Margot Kidder) and the event's that led them to flee their dream home at 112 Ocean Avenue.

This film open's on a rainy night, with thunder claps, and lightning flashes in the background, we then see a gn out front that says 112 Ocean Avenue, and two mple word's "high hope's" the camera then settles on the house window's where we see a muzzle flash, we then enter the house were we see a dark figure opening door's and shooting people while they lay in their bed's. We have just been introduced to Ronald Defeo Jr. And the Defeo Murders. Ronald is later picked up at a bar were he tells every one that "voices" made him do it. What voices you may ask?

Well the story goes that back in the 1600's Native American's would take the mentally ill and ck to the ground that the house was built on and leave them there to die. Then in the late 1700's a Native American slave trader by the name of Ketchem bought the land and built the house, he then would torcher and kill many Native American, men, women and children, tosng their body's down a well on the property. So maybe it was Ketchem leading young Ronald Defeo, on that fateful night.

With no claim to the property or anyone to take care of it, it get's put up for sale. George and Kathy buy it as soon as they see it, and everything is fine the first few night's but George can not seem to keep it warm enough, he spend's most of the film fighting to keep the fire going, as the film progresses we see that George is slowly being driven mad, and he is very unaware that the sprit's are trying to take over his body.

Kathy on the other hand is so excited she has no idea what is going on at first, she contact's a priest Named Father Delaney (fantastically played by Rod Steiger) to bless the house, he soon finds out there is something in the house, in one scene as he is blesng the house, he walks into the sewing room, as he start's to bless it the door slams shut and fly's ingulf the room, as fly's start to cover his face he then starts to smell a horrid oder, within second's the fly's disappear and the door swings open, all is fine for a few second's then we hear the words "get out" The Priest is now scared, then we hear it with more force and power "GET OUT!!!!" needless to say the priest books it out of there and Kathy wonder's why.

Father Delaney know's that he must help the Lutz's, but how? He will mply do what he does best - pray. So he heads to

church and while he's praying he looks up at a statue of the Virgin Mary which slowly begins to crumble. Eventually a piece falls off and hit's him in the eye, which leaves him without ght.

We are now back at the Lutz house. After hearing about her daughter's new friend whom only she can see, Kathy decides to investigate. She slowly walks into her daughters room and is started to see a rocking chair which is slowly rocking to a halt as if someone has just gotten out of it. Then she notices that the child's window is open, so she moves in to close it, and we get a chilling glimpse of two blinking red eye's in the darkness. Kathy soon find's out that the sprit's are after the body's of her husband, and children, can she and her family make it out alive? Well the sprit's sure put on a great show trying to stop them.

I personally love this film...In my opinion it is one of the best "Haunted House" movies out there, If you go out and buy this film before watching it, I can promise you will not be disappointed. So if you want to have a popcorn night pop this clasc in, but i can't promise that you will sleep with the lights off. I Give this film 10 out of 10 stars..the acting is great, the story is awesome, and it's a clasc.
Chainsaw27 Wednesday 2/08/2012 at 09:12 AM | 90269
I like the review, but I wouldn't conder this one of the best Haunted house movies. What about Robert Wises', "THE HAUNTING" 1963?

I know it's my opinion, but that I would definitely conder to be one of the tops -- or at least up there with the goods of haunted house movies.
VeganRichy Wednesday 2/08/2012 at 05:05 PM | 90278