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The FBI Found This Footage To Be True.....But I Didn't "PARANORMAL ACTIVITY" (Review)

After the huge success of The Blair Witch Project and the "Found"footage trend we all thought that it would have died out.....Boy, were we wrong.

The story is set on a young couple Katie, and Micah (Played By Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat) who start to encounter strange things in there home. After seeing some of the thing's going on, the boyfriend rushe's out and get's a ton of video equipment to see if they can capture anything on film, this results in a kind of "Cat and Mouse"game with the sprit and the couple.The character of Micah is a filmmaker (I am guesng) who decides to document every second of what is going on in the home, so with this said we get senes of Katie brushing her teeth, and painting her toenails and things of that nature. Micah then seem's to want to play with the sprit-so he invoke's it, he buy's an ouija borad and begin's to challange the sprit, in one sene, Micah and Katie are going out for the night, he has set the ouija borad on the table and a camra facing it, we then see a gust of wind start blowing the leaves of a plant in the corner, and the ouija borad burst's into flaims.

Katie now see's that something is going on, but she does not know what to believe, she has become terrified at the thing's going on, and she has bcome angry at Micah for his constint filming.

As the film progresses we hear a lot of unexplained noises, and we see the door shut it's self a few time's, they start to hear things in the attic and upon investigateing they find a photo of a young Katie and her ster this leads to Katie's back story.

Apparently, this had been going on for year's and were ever Katie Goes the Sprit fallows, when she was young her childhood home burned to the ground which is also unexsplained.

The film doesn't have much of a back story and that is it's down fall, it has a few good scenes of the sprit, in one scene they put baking flour on the floor and the camrea capture's something that we can't see making demonic foot prints, and in another good scene we see the door slowly open, and the cover is pulled off Katie and she is pulled out of bed by an unknown force. All in all the film is okay, but it is not for every one.

I enjoyed it when I first watched it, but the second time I saw it, it left me puzzeld. It has it's creepy moment's but if we could have had more back story and more shots of the sprit, and not just the "Bang's and bump's in the night" It would have been a better film.

I give this film 4 and a half star's out of 10. The story is okay, the acting is amture, and it is almost voied of a back story to exsplain things.

Go ahead let's watch it. But i can promise you I won't be scared....But maybe you will be.
Chainsaw27 Friday 2/10/2012 at 06:57 AM | 90357