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Walking Dead Premieres Second Half Tomorrow! RIP Shane?

AMC's breakthrough hit The Walking Dead returns to it's timeslot to finish out the rest of it's thirteen episode run. I don't think I'm alone with everyone else that has been patiently waiting for this. For those that need a slight refresher, the finale concluded with the barn scene where Shane led everyone in laying to rest the zombified relatives and family of Herschel.The last segment was intense, without dialogue, and showed more emotion than most shows on TV dare to go. Which is another reason I love this show, and why Frank Darabont got the whole story with zombies as the backdrop in this sheer dreary tale of the human experience. Talking Dead the interview special hosted by Chris Hardwick will feature guests showrunner Glen Mazzara and rockstar Dave Navarro. An interesting denote in addition to the returning series is Jon Bernthal, is in talks to star in an upcoming TNT pilot L.A. Noir, which begs the question, is Shane going to last this season? Take it easy Bidites & keep the screams a comin.'
themorguethemerrier Saturday 2/11/2012 at 08:56 PM | 90388