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Chuck Norris goes to war against his most brutal enemy in Hero and the Terror

Det. Danny O'Brien (Norris) is having nightmares.

Years ago he was asgned to track down a vicious killer of women named mon Moon (Jack O'Hallaran).

Moon was so evil he was nicknamed The Terror.

Danny successfully tracked down Moon and was almost killed just knocking him out!

Ever nce that day Danny was nicknamed Hero.

A nickname he cannot stand.

Soon Moon makes a daring escape from prison and appears to die in a fiery exploon when the van he steals drives off of a cliff.

Danny seeks out Moon's psychiatrist (Billy Drago) to get his advice and Drago tells him that nothing so evil could die so ealy.

And he's right.

Moon is soon back to his old routine of hunting down and killing innocent women in a theater and Danny and his partner Robinson (Steve James of American Ninja) are called in to investigate.

Danny figures that nce women are disappearing around the theater that is where Moon must be hiding and leaves Robinson to stand watch in the cinema as Danny's wife goes into labor.

Moon viciously attacks and kills Robinson and soon it is up to Danny to stop the Terror and end the nightmare once and for all.

The final battle between good and evil is fought through out the theater and is fast and brutal with a breathtaking climax that leaves the viewer cheering.

What worked:

This is a film that introduces a new villain to the Chuck Norris franchise.

A villain who seems childlike but is really quite smart.

This is shown in his prison escape and how he remains hidden in the theater.

Chuck Norris is at the top of his game cracking wise and skulls.

The attacks on the women are suspensefull and very scary and even the moment when Robinson turns around and sees The Terror before being attacked is a jump moment.

What didn't work:

Well if you really look at the ze of the air vents The Terror is ung to navigate the theater and attack his victims you know it is entirely not posble for him to fit through the little opening provided.

I do agree with many that the whole pregnant wife story really doesn't work and could even have been taken out but nce it was Norris he needed a gnificant other to keep his character grounded.

All in all everyone, especially Jack O'Hallaran, delivers on their performances and the final result is a film that not only terrifies but also excites.

My final verdict for Hero and the Terror is *** out of *****
JohnCarpenterfan Sunday 2/12/2012 at 04:30 AM | 90395