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A Sentimental Journey Into Horror - A Reflection Into The Genre Of Madness!

nce this is my first post on HorroBid, I figured I'd write up a little something about how I became such a masve genre fan.I wish I could say I've always loved horror, that I grew up a monster kid and always knew I'd end up in the cozy little niche that is the horror world.

I wish I could say that I spent my childhood watching monster movies and reading horror comics.

But I didn't.

When I was a child I was terrified of horror films,

I couldn't even look at the covers in the video rental store without the ckening fear that those faces might appear in my closet at night, ready to devour me.

I knew it wasn't real, but the images seemed so daunting and horrible.

After some time, I grew out of the fear of movies, and spent my teen years like many others, punching and punk-rocking my way through a sea of blind, hormonal rage.

However, not being a cynic myself, grew tired of the fruitless anger that my peers seemed to thrive off of.

I moved on, but didn't know where to go to find something that was as intense as I felt without the ruthless cynical attitude that so many around me projected all the time.Everything changed when I met my high school boyfriend, whom for privacy purposes I shall call Edgar.

Edgar was like nothing I'd ever experienced.

I wanted to so much to know about this strange world he lived in.

Walking into his room was like entering a Halloween madhouse, gory posters papering the walls, skeletons and prop body parts hanging from the ceiling and stacks of movies a mile high.

Being a horror fiend and connoisseur, he showed me such amazing things.

Blood Diner, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Ilsa, Mad Monster Party,


Edgar's well rounded taste in the macabre

opened me up to a world of that I never knew existed.

Along with a constant stream of off beat information about this spooky and seemingly endless world of films, he constantly raved on about conventions, in which I was completely ignorant, and how the sense of community within was what made this scene so tight knit and unique.Walking into my first horror con was like walking through the pearly gates, though these gates were black, blood-spattered and draped with spider webs.

I had never been any place where there were so many monsters and creatures just walking around, giving each other hugs and trying to scare whoever looked vulnerable. Being a huge fan of wearing costumes whenever posble, I was thrilled.

Tables of DVD's at bargain basement prices and celebrities hocking their wares and autographs lined the room.

Horror movie merchandise crowded the walk ways, and fans milled in and out in masve quantities. It was chaotic and weird and wonderful. I was hooked. I met so many awesome, accepting and life long friends that weekend, and had the most fun I had ever had up to that point.

The movies that I had once rued for their violence shrouded a world of film, televion, muc and everything in between that I had never dreamed of.

Fear, ironically, had inspired a more tightly knit group of people than I had ever met in my life.

I suppose that's what keeps me attending conventions, buying horror merchandise and surrounding myself with like minded people.

There is so much ugliness in this world, it's nice to know that though scary, what happens in the horror world is pretend,

and that beneath the illuon is the only place I have ever truly felt accepted.

I will never forget the day I realized that horror changed my life, and at seventeen, became a monster kid.

reptilequeen Sunday 2/12/2012 at 02:42 PM | 90400
However the means of you getting here, we're glad to have you in this weird, wonderful world we call home.
Ed Reilly Monday 2/13/2012 at 05:30 PM | 90418
Great article!BTW what ever happened to Edgar??
Anonymous Saturday 2/18/2012 at 04:18 AM | 90555