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The Cine-Masochist Reviews: Linda Blair Stars in SAVAGE STREETS (Video Review)

TECHNICALLY not a "typical" genre horror film, but it does star Linda Blair, and it's directed by Daniel Steinman who also directed Friday the 13th: Part 5! So you know it's super sleazy.

So what and who is the Cine-Masochist? Well me obviously, but it's a show that's main focus is celebrating bad movies instead of bashing them.

If you love 80's action/slashers and exploitation films then this should be right up your alley!

The link to my youtube channel in my gnature features a playlist of all my other episodes (18 thus far, some are...questionable in quality, but I enjoy showing my progress).

And for those that are curious (and if it isn't obvious) Zinema stands for z-grade cinema, it's a word i've used to describe these kinds of films for years, so I throw it into my videos to establish a little more originality. Help Zinematica Productions grow with your love for bad movies.

The Cine-Masochist Monday 2/13/2012 at 02:35 AM | 90409