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The making of 89 Batman Costume Life-sized

I wanted to try and make a screen accurate 1989 Batman costume ever nce seeing the movie as a kid at the theater back then. But was so busy making horror costumes that I never got a chance. I knew I would have to sculpt the pieces or modify a cheaper mass-produced suit. I also thought about commisoning someone to do one for me due to lack of time, but never really saw anyone that did any screen accurate ones that I liked. Then as fate would have it, I just happened to see a thread that another member made on the RPF forums, and a guy that made an AWESOME accurate 89 costume, as well as others, and I knew that was the ONE. I also knew it would be expenve just to buy all of the pieces, but I as a costume degner I know that.

So I decided to just keep doing what I do and save up for this project gradually. The guy who makes these is a very talented artist by the name of JesterFX. So far I got most of the armor off of him and will be getting the belt, boot armor, and a lighter cape with rods that can be flared out for a HUGE wing spread like in the movie. It also flies up while you walk. I also plan on doing a life-zed which will be EPIC as well, and I am going to try and make him posable. Another item that has came out REALLY motivated me to go forward with this project, and that would be the new 89 Hot Toys Batman figure. That is the best figure out there by FAR and the best Batman figure that I have ever seen! Love the movable eyes, and the rest of the costume and accessories are INSANE. But ever nce I was a kid I wanted to be horror characters and a lot of Superheroes as well. But none more than Batman, as he was like myself a lot and probably the closest any human would get to being an actual Superhero. I also have been in the martial arts for 31 years, so I am curious if all those moves are actually posble in that tight suit lol.

I guess we'll see. This project will take awhile, probably several months, as I have to make a lot of other costumes and commisons. But once done it should be EPIC lol. I wanted to keep it a secret until it was done but it just isn't posble. I also need to mount the armor and make the undersuit, and am still looking at materials for that. I plan on doing some more superheroes later as well, and maybe a Batman Begins and Dark Knight costume as well. Will also have accessories. As with my horror characters it was always my dream to do a screen accurate 1989 Batman costume, but never knew how I would go about it. But it is finally time thanks to JesterFX, who specializes in these suits, which saves me a lot of time and his is hard to top. I can't wait to make my dream come true and shock the world yet again with another costume that looked as though it came from the set of a movie. So let the fun begin!

Trying the mask on the first time. Fits pretty good on my big head. Tough to get off without a slit, as it is thicker urethane so may have to make one later for wearing. Working on my Keaton face lol.

Testing the mobility which pretty good so far. It is a thicker urethane so looking down kinda pushes my face up lol. But not too bad! Holding the ren symbol up for now. This is going to be EPIC...

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Just had to try on the armor and mask lol. Not bad for not being mounted, almost like this suit was made just for my body lol. Working out pays off. If imageshack removes the images you can follow it on my facebook also. ... 378&type=1" class="photoborder" />

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