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NECA Unveils A Massive Limited Edition Gremlins Stunt Puppet Replica

If you read the last article I wrote in which I dropped the details about NECA's upcoming expanded roster for their mogwais and gremlins line, then your probably just as excited as we are. But like the saying goes, you aint seen nothing yet baby!!

Check out this masve Gremlins Stunt Puppet Replica which was also on hand at the Toy Fair this past week. This awesome piece of badassery will be limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide and it will retail for around $200. Included is a display stand so you can show him off to all your buds. Be sure to have your credit card in hand this May when this amazingly detailed replica goes on sale.

Anonymous Friday 2/17/2012 at 03:24 AM | 90523