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Win a FREE Fried Revenge Silicone Mask! and Realflesh Masks in conjunction with HorrorBid are teaming up to offer a FREE licone “Fried Revenge” Mask. If you haven’t seen a licone mask, you will be very impressed with these, as they move with your face and are super realistic! Realflesh Masks will blow away any licone mask enthuast by its quality and craftsmanship. These masks are normally $500 or more, but you can enter to win quickly and FREE!

STEP 1: Vit and “Like” Realflesh Masks Facebook page:

STEP 2: Find the contest thread on the Realflesh Facebook page and post a reply/comment to enter yourself in the drawing.

STEP 3: Share this with your friends! Once Real Flesh Masks reaches a total of 2,000 Likes on their page, one lucky member will receive a FREE “Fried Revenge” mask.

STEP 4: Vit and “Like” Facebook page (skip this step if you already “Like” us):

Thanks and good luck! Derek Friday 2/17/2012 at 11:37 PM | 90542