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It's Elvis Presley (sort of) & JFK (sort of) vs. the Mummy (sort of) in BUBBA HO-TEP

BUBBA HO-TEP is the tale of a soul sucking mummy that decides to take redence at the local old folks retirement home and goes up against an elderly Elvis Presley and a black John F. Kennedy.

This movie has no grey area.

Either you'll love it or hate it.

Does Bruce Campbell make a believable Elvis?

Not really.

Do you really buy that the CIA and the FBI dyed John F. Kennedy's skin black making him into Ose Davis?

Not really.

And do you really think these two stand a chance against a soul sucking mummy?

Not a chance.

But still this film does work.

It works because the cast and crew all believe in the rediculous material and play it dead straight.

There is a touch of sadness to the Elvis and JFK characters.

You see what they go through in this retirement home and you feel sorry for them.

The film opens with a narration by Elvis that tells us that he didn't die as everyone believes but it was an impersonator named Sebastian Half (Campbell again) who died.

No one believes that he is really Elvis just like no one believes that Kennedy is exactly who he says he is either.

Soon a new enemy comes to the home:

A cowboy hat, cowboy boots wearing mummy that is sucking the souls from the community.

JFK alerts Elvis to some hyroglyphics that are drawn in one of the stalls in the men's room.

When asked why the Mummy would be in the stall drawing pictures JFK gives an appropriate answer that even Mummies have to take a crap after eating too many souls.

At first Elvis doesn't believe JFK but after smashing an enormous scarab with a bedpan, he accepts that fate has a job for him.This film does not work without Bruce and Ose in the leads.

They deliver so much humanity to their characters that you genuinly feel sorry for them.

You see Elvis evolve from a man who just wants to die to someone given a new reason to live.

The film is cheesy, funny, and in a few scenes very scary.

Is it perfect?


But there are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

To date the sequel: BUBBA NOSFERATU is still in limbo.

Hail to the King Baby!

**** out of *****
JohnCarpenterfan Sunday 2/19/2012 at 08:40 PM | 90633