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Another SyFy Dud: House of Bones (Review)

"House of Bones" Starring: Corin Nemec, Charisma Carpenter, Ricky Wayne Writer/Director: Anthony C. Ferrante, Jay Frasco / Jeffrey Scott Lando Studio: Syfy, Wilfried Ackermann Filmproduktion, Bullet Films Rated: Not Rated / Made for Televion

down hallways to lure ignorant men, attack by nister foliage, fresh food turning rotten when tasted, and outde help arriving only to fall further victim. None of this would even be a bad thing if it wasn’t done in so outlandish and cheesy a way as to totally alienate the viewer. No one could ever root for a group of such raging idiots to survive their haunted house adventure, or even care to see such a cliched and boring evil win.

For what they were given, the cast did their best. Charisma Carpenter played a sympathetic role in the overwrought psychic, and Ricky Wayne did an admirable job as the wheeler and dealer of the crew. Though Corin Nemec did chew up the scenery a fair bit, it fell well in line with the general jackassery of the character he was playing.

The real tragedy of House of Bone is what it could have been. With the premise and cast, there were the definite makings of a fun and freaky haunted house romp, but SyFy dampened any hopes for a good film with the terrible script and sub-par effects. Perhaps they should just stick to making natural disaster films (Earthquake in London! Tornadoes on the MOON!) and leave horror to filmmakers who actually give a damn.
dew Monday 2/20/2012 at 06:11 PM | 90667