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Should Have Only Watched the Tailer *HUSK REVIEW*

I remember seeing the trailer for the movie Husk from director Brett mmons quite awhile ago, and being fairly excited to see it. It seemed like a solid scarecrow flick from the trailer (not that there are too many out there). I was only recently able to see it because I have been out of the country and struggled to watch any horror films, but I can now say I could have lived without seeing it. Husk was nothing more than a Sci-Fi channel special with little to offer.

First off, the acting was pretty terrible. The cast of unknows were at times painful to watch. I had the biggest issue with the female lead Natalie. The writing wasn't the best for the film, but the way she delivered her lines was pretty brutal. Pair that with ridiculous reasoning for her actions, and you have a bad performance. The male actors weren't much better either (especially Natalie's boyfriend, who is a complete idiot in the movie), so overall the acting left a lot to be dered.

The overall story felt mashed together without too much coherence. I like that the film tried to reason why the scarecrow/s were targeting the victims, but the back story was more or less irrelevant in my opinion. Once it moved to flashbacks I was pretty much turned off. Even the way the characters were put into the tuation seemed forced; there was almost no build up (I think 5-10 mins in you get to the main story), and you have absolutely no reason to care what happens to the characters from that point.

I won't delve into the ending. It attempted to leave the film on a cliffhanger, but failed entirely. Just bad.

The one potive I took from the film was the shots of the attacks in the corn fields. The sounds of the moving corn husks built a bit of tenon and the way the attacks actually took place was pretty enjoyable to watch. Those scenes gave the sense of creepy isolation that is commonly associated with a cornfield. Also, it was somewhat creative to put some restraint on the villain (I won't spoil that part), so I give the movie credit for that. But that's as far as my praise goes..

Overall, this is a prime example of a movie that did not live up to the trailer. The trailer put together clips of the film that, when standing alone, can create a strong sense of tenon and entertainment. But when each part contributes to the non-coherent, poorly acted film that is Husk, you end up with a waste of 83 mins.

If you haven't seen the actual trailer, watch it below and tell me what you think. I love the trailer, but I recommend you just watch the trailer, and leave it at that.
darkdeepwoods16 Wednesday 2/22/2012 at 05:55 AM | 90749
while everything said here is true about the actors and story line I still enjoyed the movie. I am a big fan of scarecrow movies. I got hooked on scarecrows when i was a kid and watched the TV MOVIE "Night of the Scarecrow". As stated above there are not many scarecrow movies out there and i suppose theres only so much you can do with a scarecrow storyline. If, however, you are a fan of scarecrows I would say this is as good or better than any other scarecrow movies out there. The scarecrow is pretty dang creepy. Its worth watching even with the irritating characters.
fight4fire Thursday 2/23/2012 at 07:21 PM | 90770
Oh i forgot to mention. In my 38yrs Im not sure ive seen 1 movie that has lived up to its trailer ha ha. IMO
fight4fire Thursday 2/23/2012 at 07:24 PM | 90771