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NECA Has Big Plans For Aliens & Prometheus Action Figure Lines In 2012

With over 60 licenses for which it produces products, NECA has remained as the top dog when it comes to manufacturing action figures and dolls that are targeted towards nerds like me and toy enthuasts around the globe. And one line that has always been an overwhelming success is NECA's Aliens line.

So if you're like me, then you're probably wondering what's in store for the popular franchise in 2012. Well, my fellow Bidites and action figure fanboys (and girls), lets just say you won't be disappointed.

NECA posted the following info on their blog revealing their intentions for their upcoming Aliens and Prometheus lines that are coming this year. Check out all the deets below:

Xenomorphs have been around us for over 30 years now. Many iterations have taken this aggresve race to become icons of Horror, Suspense, and even Adventure, and as so, caused many folks with an acute taste to want these creatures in their collections.

NECA’s made several Alien action figures, from almost all of the films in the franchise, including the most recent Aliens Vs Predator:Requiem. This year, we’re bringing even more figures, and we wanted to answer a few of your questions.

New Aliens Warrior Action Figure

From James Cameron’s “Aliens” film, we’re releang an all new Warrior figure, with removable limbs, fully articulated, and about 9″ tall.

The 2 Colonial Marines

Aboard the warship Sulaco, Ripley is introduced to a team of Colonial Marines, one of which is Corporal Dwayne Hicks. This year, we’ll bring Hicks to life, fully articulated, at about 7″ tall, along with another Colonial Marine, which we’re not yet ready to reveal the identity of.

You can expect the Warrior Aliens to have clean and battle damaged verons and both blue and brown highlights for variety when army building your hive.

1/4 Scale Original Alien Figure

From the 1979 original Ridley Scott film, we’re preparing a release of the 1/4 scale Alien figure. This is the clasc Xeno, with the clear dome. Yes – a gorgeously gross Clasc Alien that stands over 22inches tall and is fully articulated.

We’ve done a Clasc Alien 18-Inch Action Figure in the past, so expect improvements including the enormous figure packaged fully assembled and this Xeno will have new and improved deco over the original release from 2008. About The Alien Queen Action Figure

Hey, we love the Queen too. She’s one of the scariest, meanest looking creatures in film history. But currently, she’s only in our wishlists. There’s a slight posbility we’ll get to her in 2013, but there’s nothing confirmed yet. One of the reasons we’re not getting to the Queen this year is because…

A Prometheus Line is Coming Up This Summer

We’re extremely excited about the upcoming film from Ridley Scott and have our hands full with a new line of figures. We’ll probably be able to show some Prometheus sculpts by the end of June.

Future For The Lines

We asked on Facebook and Google+ what fans wanted to know about the license and a lot of the questions were about its continuity, if we’re doing a full set of Colonials, etc..

Honestly, it all depends on how well sales go and what our production schedule permits. We are very excited to finally bring you Colonial Marines from Aliens and we hope to bring you a Queen in 2013.

As you’ve seen with Predators, when our fans love it and buy the figures, we expand the line and make more of them.

Did anyone think they would have all of the Lost Preds in figure form?

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