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NECA Reveals A Prototype Image Of The '84 Kyle Reese Figure From Their TERMINATOR Line

NECA has been known to throw us a bone every once in a while, and share an early "in-progress" image from a prototype figure so we can enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the creation process that occurs inde their toy making factory. And that's just the case with this latest image from their highly successful Terminator line.

Pictured below, with out a head, is Kyle Reese from the 1984 sci-fi clasc The Terminator. It should be pointed out that the particular gun pictured is for placement only and not the actual shotgun the figure will come with. And for those wondering if Kyle will feature his stolen Nikes, NECA states that it's "not likely for Nike on the sneakers, they don't usually let their logos or marks be used. Have to make up our own thing."

According to, NECA chose Kyle's modern day look over his future appearance so that he could be displayed with the Tech Noir T-800 to recreate that movie fight scene. Had they gone with "Future Kyle," it would have been a stand alone figure and not as display friendly.

1984 Kyle Reese will see release in the Terminator Collection Series 3 this Fall. Two more figures that have yet-to-be announced will join him in the assortment.

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