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A Humongous Box Set Featuring All 1225 Episodes Of Dark Shadows Is Coming To DVD This May!

If you have a bag full of money just lying around collecting dust, and you just also happen to be a HUGE Dark Shadows fan...then listen up, because the news doesn't get much better then what we're about to drop!

In an unprecedented event,

MPI HOME VIDEO has announced that the entire Dark Shadows series will be released in a masve ngle deluxe set that's sure to be a hit if your a die hard fan of the original series!! On May 8, 2012, MPI will release DARK SHADOWS: THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL SERIES in a custom coffin-shaped box with bonus, in-depth interviews and other video extras, a commemorative booklet, and more. That's 1,225 eerie episodes on 131 discs!! The SRP for this collector’s set is $599.98.

The creation of Dan Curtis (The Winds of War, "The Night Stalker"), "DARK SHADOWS" premiered in 1966 as a unique series in TV history – a Gothic daytime serial set in a forbidding, mist-shrouded Maine estate inhabited by a wealthy extended family as well as ghosts, demons, and, most frightening of all, vampire Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid). For five years 200-year-old Barnabas and his Collins family relatives made their way through hauntings and possesons, jumped through time and mysterious parallel worlds, and were the victims of other eerie events. Add in a vengeful witch, a horrifying werewolf, a count with mystical powers, a female doctor obsessed with Barnabas, and young, beautiful women encountering love and other dangers – all framed by haunting muc – and you have a series that became a nationwide cult sensation.

Now, 41 years after the series went off the air, the cult continues to flourish. "DARK SHADOWS" has spun off novels, audio dramas, feature films, a Grammy-nominated hit song (“Quentin’s Theme”) and soundtrack album, DVDs, televion reruns, and regular fan conventions attended by original cast members. On May 11, 2012, director Tim Burton’s hugely anticipated reimagining of the show will hit the big screen with lifelong “DS” fan Johnny Depp portraying Barnabas Collins. Original series cast members Jonathan Frid (Barnabas), Lara Parker (Angelique), David Selby (Quentin), and Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie/Josette) make cameo appearances in the new film.

DARK SHADOWS: THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL SERIES includes more than 100 bonus interviews with the actors and production personnel – its cast included Kate Jackson, Oscar nominee Grayson Hall, and Hollywood Golden Era movie star Joan Bennett - plus a 96-page booklet with photographs and episode summaries, DVDs of bloopers, behind-the-scenes documentary, and cast reunion, all housed in a coffin-shaped box.

"DARK SHADOWS" truly lives on in this remarkable release sure to thrill longtime fans and create a new generation of enthuastic followers. For fans who do not get the opportunity to purchase the $600 box set, MPI is releang FAN FAVORITES and THE BEST OF BARNABAS on April 10th. Priced at $14.98, each release offers nine complete episodes that are among the most popular in the history of the show, serving as an ideal introduction to new viewers as well as an enticing overview for devotees of the series. Included in FAN FAVORITES are Barnabas’ return to Collinwood after being released from his chained coffin, Barnabas and Dr. Julia Hoffman (Grayson Hall) discovering the secret of the werewolf, Maggie Evans (Kathryn Leigh Scott) becoming the victim of a vampire, and more. THE BEST OF BARNABAS includes Julia’s attempts to cure the cursed Barnabas, eerie trips back in time to 1795 and 1897, the popular Parallel Time storyline, and more. Each set includes informative new introductions by Kathryn Leigh Scott and Lara Parker (Angelique).

Box Set Features:

131 DVDs with all 1,225 Complete Episodes Commemorative large Coffin package (houng 22 amarays) Deluxe booklet with episode summaries & photographs Special Bloopers, Treasures & Behind The Scenes DVDs Over 120 Bonus Cast & Crew Video Interviews Autographed Postcard by Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins) Limited Numbered Edition Other features include nickel hinges, black ribbon to hold the lid when open, matte and foil coating Box dimenons: (Coffin), 13 ½ L x 11 ¼ W (at widest) x 5 ¾ D. Shipping carton dimenons, 16.5" x 8.5" x 14"

Weight Shipping carton with contents - 15.5lbs

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Anonymous Friday 3/09/2012 at 07:30 PM | 91261
Nice, but damn, who has that kinda time?
dew Friday 3/09/2012 at 07:34 PM | 91262
...or that kinda cash to drop.
Anonymous Friday 3/09/2012 at 07:37 PM | 91264
...or that kinda cash to drop.

This is also true. It looks as though the first season is already up on Netflix; perhaps the rest will follow.
dew Friday 3/09/2012 at 11:17 PM | 91277