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A Russian Roulette Drinking Game Gun With Gun Included - REALLY?

Alright everybody, I tried really, REALLY hard not to post this one, but I just can’t stand it. Now before I say another word, I feel compelled to mention that HorrorBid in NO WAY condones drinking, playing with any form of weapon or firearm and definitely NOT any form of Rusan Roulette Okay, now that we make that crystal clear, let the idiocy begin!

From Billy Bob Products (the name says it all) comes the Rusan Roulette Revolver Shots Game. The game involves a small plastic toy revolver and a liquid, no one said it had to be alcohol! Anyway, you fill the gun with said “liquid”, spin the cylinder and pull the trigger! Here are the complete instructions; 1. Point the barrel upwards and spin the cylinder until it clicks in the one potion that allows the trigger to be squeezed. Only this one chamber serves the dual function of both loading and drinking from the end of the barrel.2. To load - keep the barrel pointed upwards and pour the alcohol directly down the barrel. It will flow down the barrel through the one open chamber and in to the hollow handle of the revolver. The handle holds up to 2.5 liquid ounces of alcohol.3. Keeping the barrel pointed upwards and pass the revolver to the first player.4. Now you are ready to play Rusan Roulette.5. Spin the cylinder several times and hold the gun up so everyone sees the trigger being squeezed.6. If the trigger won't budge, you survived the round. Pass the gun to the next player 7. If the trigger squeezes and clicks you've got the open chamber and you've got to drink from the end of the barrel

See, no one said ANYTHING about pointing the gun at anyone and pulling the trigger! The Revolver is around twenty bucks and can be found at and even

Written by HorrorBid columnist: Brock Lady
Shakelford, J. Rusty Friday 3/09/2012 at 10:54 PM | 91274
Sounds like a great way to end the party early.
Snoballz Saturday 3/10/2012 at 12:19 AM | 91281
Wow, thanks for stealing my story douche.
vbrockladyv Monday 4/16/2012 at 06:34 AM | 92499