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Feast Your Eyes On The Limited Edition Resident Evil T-Virus and Anti-Virus Prop Replica

So you say you're the ultimate fan of the Redent Evil

series, and you're looking for something to add to ever-growing collection - something that is sure to wow your nerdy buds? Well, we think we found the Holy Grail...

It's the Redent Evil T-Virus and Anti-Virus Prop Replica... A true MUST for any Redent Evil fan!!

Each limited edition prop replica comes with a custom aluminum display case featuring a clear top and Umbrella Corporation logo, so that it may be displayed with the case open or closed. Also included is a set of vials which are constructed from aluminum and Plexiglas, measuring just over 5" long and is an accurate replica of this quintessential Redent Evil prop. Each vial, which is is an accurate replica of this quintessential Redent Evil prop, is degned with internal LED's so that they can be independently illuminated. How freaking sweet!!

Now let's talk about the price...for only $199.99 you can own this derable item, which will undoubtedly make you the envy of any collector that is a die hard of the RE series.

If your thinking of ordering, hurry because only 7500 of these babies exist!! Order your's today HERE.


5" Long (each vial) 8½" x 6" (case)

Source: Monsters In Motion
Anonymous Sunday 3/11/2012 at 12:58 AM | 91323
Why does everything cool have to be in the hundred of dollar range huh I can't they go much lower I mean with the price of Gas now I mean come on not everyone has this kind of money to just throw around .I know I don't
Nightmareblade17 Sunday 3/11/2012 at 08:36 PM | 91349