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The Official Trailer For Lumonox Films Short 'Midnight Brew' Is Wickedly Creepy

Imagine this scenario...It's the graveyard shift at your local radio station, and you're the late night that's broadcasting on the air. You're running a one man show in the dead of the night, so you turns to your listeners for a little conversation. "What's the craziest thing you've ever done?" You say. The phones light up, and one by one each caller gets their moment.

But one caller's done something truly insane, and he's ready to tell you all about it.

In fact... he's doing it right now.

That's the synops for Lumonox Films upcoming short MIDNIGHT BREW starring Kyle Edward Cranston as DJ Arthur Quince at Radio 108.4. Intrigued? We thought you might be...check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

Lumonox Films will be entering the film along with their other short LAUNDRY NIGHT (read our review HERE) into various festivals in the near future (both which will be playing the Balticon Science Fiction Society Film Festival on May 27 in Baltimore, Maryland), and they are preparing to make a HUGE announcement regarding a bigger project that they'll be shooting this summer.

Currently they have an ongoing fundraiser at Indie GoGo with $845 pledged, and their goal is to have $2,011 by Sunday night. So if you can help out, it will be greatly appreciated but please hurry because time is running out. All of the funds raised will go towards:

Film Festival Entry Fees Payment to artists for work done "out of house" Printing DVD artwork and DVD duplication Renting equipment (supplemental lighting gear, lenses, dollies) Budgeting for future films (actors, location fees, craft services) Miscellaneous expenses (printing new buness cards, Lumonox Films apparel, work travel)

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