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50 Essential Gore Films: #4 Nightmare Concert

Nightmare Concert, aka A Cat In The Brain, is one of legendary director Lucio Fulci's final movies, and what a crappy note to go out on. Nightmare Concert is degned to showcase gore, gore, tits, gore, and more gore, ung stock footage from an assortment of different Fulci films, and for gore's sake it works.The story this time around is the weakest point of the film, and put me asleep the first couple times I tried to watch the film. Lucio Fulci plays himself, a horror director who's having vions from his movies weaving their way into his everyday life, and driving him mad. This allows for the use of stock-footage to work, and make sense, nce it is all from films that he has done. Fulci decides to speak with a shrink, who in turn decides to take advantage of Fulci's mental state to have him kill for him. While this story sounds like it could be fun, it's really a let down, it goes no where, the pacing is terrible, and it's clear the film was just meant to be gory.Like mentioned, a lot of the movie is made up of stock footage, with Lucio having gone out and shot a wrap-around story to incorporate the footage. The wrap-around stuff is poorly done, mostly consting of a shot of Lucio afraid having a vion, cut to gore, cut to lucio, cut to gore, repeat, over and over, for the rest of the film. We also see a lot of he same footage used over again, leading to the great gore effects just feeling bland and boring.

The gore is all over the map, from chainsaw decapitations, to a head in a microwave, to a man who's run over until he's nothing more than mush. Anyone who has seen a Fulci film knows what they are getting into here, he is one of the goriest directors of all time, and this film might be the masterpiece where that is involved.

Every five minutes your either getting gore thrown in your face out of no-where, or some breasts, leaving you no time to really slow down. My favorite moment of gore in the film, would have to be in the first five minutes, when you flat out see 'A Cat In The Brain', which is just random gore for the credits.

While Nightmare Concert might be the goriest film Fulci has ever done, it's far from his best, but if you just want to take a look at what the master of gore is capable of, it's a great ninety minute romp through the stickiest bits of his filmography.

Score - C Gore - 10/10 Quality Of Gore - 8/10
HorrorDaily Monday 3/12/2012 at 06:02 PM | 91362
I actually really liked it...and I honestly don't understand why. It's bacally a clip show of all of Fulci's worst films (I don't understand why the couldn't have used clips from The Beyond or City of the Living Dead) yet it's strangely compelling. It does get boring at points, but the gore really is awesome. My enjoyment might have come from the fact that I was watching it at 3 AM and I was bacally sleeping with my eyes open (now I'm not so sure if I really saw it or if I dreamt the whole thing).

P.S. I'm hoping The Mutilator shows up on this list! Keep up the great work!
ObscureCinema101 Monday 3/12/2012 at 09:52 PM | 91365