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"The Possession of Jamie Hunt" Trailer and Press Release!

Happy Friday Horror Bidites! Now I know it's been a while nce I last updated you, but let me assure you I have been very busy working on my new film. You may remember my last film "Babytter Wanted" starring your very own Horrorbid Slasher.

(You can refresh your memory by clicking HERE). Well today I have a full press release and trailer for my new film "The Posseson of Jamie Hunt"-- premiering excluvely on HorrorBid!

"The Posseson of Jamie Hunt" Press Release: Josh and Jamie Hunt have just recently lost their parents in a terrible accident.

To help cope with the tragedy, their coun Haley moves in.

Not long after that, strange occurrences begin to happen.

Something is different about Jamie and we learn that it's all in the family. You will never guess the secret!

Starring Erika Langworthy (Babytter Wanted), Alex Aronson, Evie Aronson (Tru TV) and introducing Taylor Lee as Jamie Hunt. This film is currently in post-production with an expected late spring time release.

The film was shot ung a Canon 5D mark II and mixes both traditional and contemporary styles of filmmaking. Think "The Omen" meets "Paranormal Activity". It will creep under your skin and make you cringe. From Alex Aronson, the creator of "Babytter Wanted" this is "The Posseson of Jamie Hunt".

The film is currently underway but to hold ya over you can check out the trailer right below! Make sure you check back for updates and who knows you might even catch a cameo by the Horrorbid Slasher himself in the finished product! ;) Happy Spring my little gorehounds!
Aronsonfilms Friday 3/16/2012 at 08:01 PM | 91491
Looks pretty cool dude, that little girl has a nice look.

Did you have someone score the muc or did you find it online?
Sephit Saturday 3/17/2012 at 03:47 AM | 91499