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The New Trailer For 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Offers Us The Truth About Honest Abe

The last time I checked the calendar here at HorrorBid it said today was St. Patrick's Day, but with 2 different trailers for 2 different horror movies both featuring Abraham Lincoln hitting the scene today, one might think that it's actually Predent's Day today. In fact the last time I wrote about Honest Abe this much, I was back in high school, which is an entirely different horror story that I can't soon forget.

With that being said, it's now time to show off some new eye candy for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which hits theaters on June 22nd.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter explores the secret life of our greatest predent and the untold history that shaped our nation. As a young boy, Abe witnesses the shocking death of his mother, leading him on a path to an ongoing war - and ultimately to the predency - he chronicles in a hidden diary. The journal reveals the incredible story of a clandestine warrior who never stopped fighting for the country he led and the people he loved.

Source: the 'Bid
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