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Fans Of Repo! The Genetic Opera Will Love This FULL Trailer For 'The Devil's Carnival'

With the smell of corned beef and cabbage filling the air this St. Patty's Day, we haven't had the time to dig into a plate of our own as this crazy day filled with a ton of news continues to hit the 'Bid.

Check out the full trailer for Darren Lynn Bousman's follow-up to his cult clasc mucal horror movie Repo! The Genetic Opera which just landed on the 'Bid, and then scroll way on down to the bottom of the screen to see if Bousman's latest endeavor into showbiz will be playing at a theater near you this spring!!

The Devil's Carnival stars Emilie Autumn, Dayton Callie, The Blessed Contessa, M. Shawn "clown" Crahan, Briana Evigan, Sean Patrick Flanery, Maggie "Captain Maggot" Lally, J. LaRose, Jesca Lowndes, Mighty Mike, Hannah Minx, Ivan Moody, Bill Moseley, Ogre, Marc Senter, Paul Sorvino, Alexa Vega, and Terrance Zdunich.

Plot Synops:

In THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL nners are invited to a theme park where they endure the repetition of their transgresons. What chances do a conniving kleptomaniac, a gullible teenager, and an obsessed father stand when facing their own moral failings? Lucifer and his colorful cast of nging carnies invite you to grab a ticket to THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL to find out!

TICKET PRICE OPTIONS: 1. NNERS - $20.00 (gets you a ticket to the show) 2. CARNIES - $30.00 (ticket to the show, and a pre-gned poster) 3. RINGMASTERS - $40.00 (VIP Experience: ticket to the show, pre-gned poster, and a meet & greet)

CONFIRMED cities and theaters showing THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL: 4/5 Hollywood, CA – Laemmle’s Royal Theater 4/6 Anaheim, CA - The Ultraluxe UltraStar 4/7 San Diego, CA – Gaslamp Theater 4/8 Scottsdale, AZ – Ultrastar cinemas 4/9 Tucson, AZ – The Loft 4/11 El Paso, TX – Starplex 4/12 Austin, TX – Alamo Draft House 4/13 Houston, TX – Alamo Draft House 4/14 Dallas, TX – Lakewood Theater 4/17 Nashville, TN – Limelight Theater 4/18 Atlanta, GA – The Plaza Theater 4/21 Charlotte, NC – The Neighborhood Theater 4/24 Pittsburgh, PA – The Hollywood Theater 4/29 Boston, MA – Foxboro Theater 5/1 Toronto, ON - Toronto Underground Theater 5/2 Toledo, OH – Collingwood Arts Center 5/3 Chicago, IL - The Muc Box Theater 5/5 Kansas City, KS – Leawood Cinema Theater 5/6 Denver, CO – The Oriental Theater 5/7 Salt Lake City, UT – The Tower Theater 5/9 Seattle, WA – The Admiral Theater 5/10 Portland, OR – The Clinton St. Theater 5/11 Sacramento, CA – The Colonial Theater

Don't worry if you don't see your city listed, new locations are being added every day.

Source: the 'Bid
Anonymous Sunday 3/18/2012 at 03:02 AM | 91524
OMG YES! I loved the genetic opera! Ive been waiting for the rumored preqeul but this may be better! Too bad Anthony STewart Head is misng from the line up. I cant wait to check this movie out
kizzle Sunday 3/18/2012 at 05:41 PM | 91545
Dying. This is beautiful. I love it.
nolifefan Sunday 3/18/2012 at 09:30 PM | 91551
Flippin sweet! I love Repo and I'm wicked psyched for this! I will be at the Plaza Theater on 4/18!
UndeadPlatypus Monday 3/19/2012 at 03:39 AM | 91558