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"RIFT" Best Horror Film of 2012, Destined To Be A Sleeper Hit!

OMG, I had the privileadge of pre-screening this movie titled RIFT, that will be on DVD/BLU-RAY & ONLINE on JUNE 12. This movie blew me away! A guaranteed headbanger.

Okay, here's the scoop. Rift is a Psychological Thriller Horror-- Based on true events-- Inspired by the Richard Speck murders of 1966. Creepy!!! People do your homework, Richard Speck was one ck mofo. Anyway, this is a very unique psychological thriller that is going to take you on a roller coastal ride and leave you with chills .It creep me out several times. Should I repeat. The story revolves around Jennifer Campbell, a journalism student who investigates the brutal murders of seven college students in the Town Creek apartments in 2001. Absolute cheers to Director/Writer LazRael Lison and Producer Tatiana Chekhova for an absolute amazing job. I read an interview online given by the director saying what they went through to complete this film. Kudos!!

Another small note, did anyone know this film had a limited theatrical release last year in Los Angeles and Maryland. I recently discovered that myself. Internet people cmon! Well I’m so happy its coming out on Dvd because I guarantee this is going to be a sleeper.

You can view their movie webte HERE, and follow this movie on Facebook @ Rift - movie 2010 (Based on True Events). The 2010? I’m confused about that too. Come on ppl, Support! Seriously, let me know your thoughts.
filmlover Sunday 3/18/2012 at 10:22 AM | 91533
uh......some details other than the fact that its based off factual events? Acting, cinematography, special effects, etc etc - ANYTHING other than the fact you felt it was a good movie?
Matt_Molgaard Sunday 3/18/2012 at 05:41 PM | 91546