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Alice Cooper Makes An Appearance In The International Trailer For 'Dark Shadows'

Judging by the comments that we read on our very own FB page, reactions for the Dark Shadows trailer are very mixed. I personally keep pinching myself in the hopes that I'm dreaming, but unfortunately I'm not. This thing is very much real!

I just hope that this film, and I pray to God that I'm right, is based more on the actual series, and whoever was in charge of putting the official trailer together purposely picked out all the campy parts just to try to win over a much younger crowd.

Rant now over.

Check out the BRAND NEW official International trailer which is more or less the same as the domestic veron, except that the addition of rocker Alice Cooper has been added.

Source; the 'Bid
Anonymous Monday 3/19/2012 at 11:42 PM | 91566