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The 2011 Night Owl 05' Style Psycho Michael Myers Mask (PIC HEAVY)

Hello again Bidites, I thought I'd share some new pictures of me dressed up as the one and only - MICHAEL MYERS!! The mask used in these shots is a 2011 Night Owl 05' Style Psycho, which I personally think is an amazing recreation of the original mask. I'd love to here your thoughts on the mask, and on my portrayal of "The Boogeyman." Thanks for looking...and stay tuned for some more!!
dolofOnos Tuesday 3/20/2012 at 12:48 PM | 91581
Cant tell you how much i love this bro!!

You look awesome as Michael and the mask is PIMP!!

(By the way as a Michael fan i see you are, i wrote my own veron of Robs H2 in the original fiction section! You should tell me what you think)

Thank you very much brother! Yeah you could say I'm a HUGE fan Of michael, lol. Ill def. check out your veron of h2 man, Ill leave ya some feedback. Thanks again bro
dolofOnos Saturday 3/24/2012 at 03:47 PM | 91700