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Spend Some Time in "The Funhouse" Thanks to FRIGHT-RAGS!

Released this morning on the Fright-Rags Facebook page at
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If you've never seen it, the synops courtesy of IMDB is as follows:

"Four teenagers, Amy Harper, Buzz Klemmet, Richie Atterbury and Liz Duncan, travel to the carnival which has just come to town, for some fun. As the night begins to come to an end, Liz suggests they stay the night in the fun house. They all agree and decide to take the last ride before the attraction shuts down. As they stay in the fun house, the four witness and horrific murder against a psychic reader by a very big man in a Frankenstein mask, also Richie takes some of the money earned by the man who runs the fun house. The owner is furious about the misng money and sends his son, Gunther, who killed the reader, to take care of the thieves. Now the four are locked in the fun house, being stalked and killed one by one."

No word on a release date for the shirt; only that it's coming soon.
CZW_CJBecker Tuesday 3/20/2012 at 04:40 PM | 91582
This is one I would definitely be getting.
HorrorDaily Thursday 3/22/2012 at 08:10 PM | 91624