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Leprechaun Mask?

Anyone know if MMFX still makes them or who they sold the mold to? Tried to get one on eBay but got outbid. Or does anyone else make one? I also remember bust by Dr. Phil I think the name was. I know about all the scamming by MMFX so I was hoping someone else got the mold and does them. OR does anyone plan on doing one? I might have to start sculpting sooner than I had planned lol.
sirbrad Wednesday 3/21/2012 at 01:52 AM | 91594
CFX did the modified licone one on youtube which looks great but pricey at $1300 for just the mask, and $500 for the hands which I can do. I might try one or commison some artists I have spoke with to do one in latex and maybe produce some myself later on with the mold. Hats are definitely a good idea as it is hard to find the right ze hat, especially if you have a big head and the mask is overzed. Have not had a lot of sculpting practice for many years but would love to try one sometime. Always wanted to sculpt masks but costumes keep me busy as it is. I also thought the Don Post one was great for a mass produced mask, and huge so it makes you look like a Leprechaun although not entirely accurate it looks awesome. Would definitely want a high-end more accurate one sometime. Costume it comes with is not too great but I was gonna replace it with more accurate ones sometime. I want to do a life-zed sometime, will have to get a 3.6" boy mannequin soon lol. Will see how it alll goes.
sirbrad Wednesday 3/21/2012 at 05:43 AM | 91604