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50 Essential Gore Films :#6 Luther The Geek

Luther The Geek is an odd experience to say the least. The film is very low budget, with some huge plot holes, and bad special effects, yet it's still fun to watch, and keeps your attention though the short running length. It's one of those movies that I shouldn't like, but yet I find myself quite drawn towards it, like a fly to a bug zapper.

The film starts with a mob of people, complete with torches, break into a barn to see a caged up geek bite the head off of a chicken. During this, a small child is pushed down, and loses his teeth. Jump to years later, and we're in a meeting to see if Luther can be released from prison, after killing three people twenty years ago. He's now a model prisoner, albeit one that bites people with metal teeth, and clucks like a chicken all the time, but hey, who am I to say what's model or not. Upon leaving prison, Luther kills an old lady at a supermarket, and then follows a woman home to her farm house, where we spend the rest of the movie with him stalking and killing members of the family.While the film is clearly shot cheap, and the effects match this, it still comes out looking alright. It's very dark, in the same way many of my favorite 80s and 90s horror movies looked. One question I do have though, is why this was on the Essential Gore Films list, as

there is little gore in it, and it's not done overly well.

Luther, during the course of the movie, only kills a small handful of people, and none of the ways are overly gory, it's mostly just bites to the neck, that even low budget zombies movies have done better nce.

Edward Terry in the role of Luther is interesting, as his only dialog is to cluck like a chicken, it's nice to see he was still able to make the character seem menacing. This is director Carlton J. Albright's only movie in the directors chair, he also helped write this, and The Children, which is the only other credit he and Edward Terry have on their IMDB. I don't know what happened to them, but it would of been nice to see a couple more of these low budget films come out of the duo.

Luther The Geek is a weird film to say the least, but it's a weird film that holds your attention, and thankfully doesn't run to long. I know people say,

always leave them wanting more, but there's something to be said about an experience that ends just when your finally getting tired of it. Does it belong on a gore film list? Well no, but if it wasn't on the list, I don't think I'd ever of heard of it other wise.Score - B- Gore - 3/10 Quality Of Gore - 1/10
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