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Feast Review. Alien Sex, Gore, And Hot Ass Drenched In Blood!

Feast- For those who have seen feast know what I mean when I say this is not for the light hearted. For those who have not seen it, this is one you won’t soon forget. That is if you’re into hot women, alien sex, and BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD.

In a secluded bar a group of citizens must fight for their lives when a few overzed and oversexed aliens bring a storm of destruction to their door step. The bar patrons must get along long enough to survive through the night or become their next meal. From its comic book like introductions of each character to the well over the top gore, Feast is a brilliant shock blood bath of grand proportions.Expect the unexpected in this film for sure. I rarely see a movie that can lead the audience to believe who the “hero” per se is going to be, than change the whole idea.

Bedes the gore, story line, actors/actresses, special effects, and pretty much everything else about the movie I couldn’t find anything I could complain about. It had just the right amount of gore. Bucket loadsFrom “Harley Mom” (Diana Ayala Goldner, who also plays her characters ster in the sequel) spewing up alien jizz, “Beer Guys” maggot infected eye socket, “Honey Pie” (Jenny Wade) being completely drenched in blood, Tuffy/heroine 2 (Krista Allen) shoving her arm elbow deep down an aliens gullet. This movie IS LOADED TO THE BALLS WITH BLOOD, GUTS AND GORE! From special effects company behind Pulse and Dracula 2000, Two Hours in the Dark pulled no stops for feast.

All the actors did a great job too. Jason Mewes had a great cameo playing himself, who better for the part? Henry Rollins plays a motivational speaker known as “Coach”. “Bozo” (Balathazar Getty) “Bartender” (Clu Gulager) & “Beer Guy” (Judah Friedlander) were my 3 favorite. Clu Gulager (Return of the Living Dead) did a great job and delivered one of the greatest lines in the movie: “monster cock stuck in the door!” ha-ha, clasc! His character endured so much suffering! He was beaten, his throat was slashed, had a heart attack, nearly bled to death, and that’s just the first movie. “Beer guy” was awesome too! I loved his whining and complaining. He not only slowly rots away throughout the entire movie but then has his eye ripped out of his head! I would’ve loved to see him survive through the whole series and just slowly decline in health and mental sanity.

“Honey Pie” was one of my favorite female actors. Such a sweet heart throughout the entire movie, then near the end she turns and abandons the rest of the bars inhabitants to save her own ass.From executive producers Matt Damon & Ben Afflecks Project Greenlight 3 production company, the Weinstein brothers and Wes Craven, and directed by John Gulager, I kind of had mixed feelings, but in the end im glad i checked it out, and seeing how i bought it in a triple pack with its sequals it was worth it. I recommend it to anyone looking for a gore drenched alien orgy all around good time. John Gulager directed all 3 and that is defiantly a good thing. If someone else were to try to tackle the 2nd or 3rd I don’t think it would have been the same outcome. But seeing how this is a review for feast and not the feast trilogy ill stick to the 1st. Feast had an estimated budget of $3,200,000 and grossed $54,556. So, technically it didn’t seem to do so well financially but it seemed to do well enough for 2 sequels. But with the names they had behind it it’s no wonder it was a trilogy. And a great trilogy it was…

IMO of course…
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