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Quirky USA Mystery Series PSYCH Pays Homage to Horror

ted in attention to detail and logic. Alongde Gus (Hill), Shawn is often called upon (or just intrudes upon) the local police department, to work alongde them on various cases. Lacking the discipline of a proper investigators, Shawn and Gus often bumble their way into dangerous tuations, relying only upon their wits to escape.

Last season, the series took a stab at devoting an episode to the cast and writers’ own love for noted short-lived paranormal mystery series Twin Peaks. The episode, title Dual Spires, featured many original cast members from Twin Peaks, including famous victim Sheryl Lee, and the gorgeous Sherilyn Fenn. The episode scored high ratings and much viewer laud, which may be what inspired the series to take on horror in its xth season.

The episode, titled “Heeeeere’s Lase!”, focuses heavily on curmudgeonly police detective Carlton Laster (Timothy Omundson) as he moves into a new condominium – one that he discovered for sale when called to the scene of the former tenant’s suicide. Immediately noticing strange happenings, he becomes convinced the building is haunted and, knowing no one else would take him seriously, calls in his least favorite psychic detective to help him investigate. The strange happenings continue, and Laster begins to unravel to the point of violence, while Shawn and Gus stumble about in a Scooby Gang type manner, in hopes to solve the mystery before Laster can injure himself, or others.

The horror references abound, and the hour-long episode is a veritable Easter egg hunt for fans trying to spot every reference, some subtle and some not. Nods are given to Ghostbusters, Rosemary’s Baby, Poltergeist, and many more, alongde a huge homage to Stanley Kubrick’s take on The Shining. Astute viewers will even get a laugh from the names of characters mentioned off-screen but never seen during the show. It is funny and fun, and more than worth your time. If you’re not already watching the series (and WHY aren’t you watching the series?!), take the time to at least watch this episode. It’s worth it, trust me.

Guest stars in the episode include Sarah Rue, Valorie Curry, William Shatner, and Louis Gossett Jr.. The episode originally aired on March 7, 2012, but can ealy be found in reruns on USA or streaming online at Hulu by the end of the month.
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