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'Supernatural' Filming Experience

Supernatural, the T.V. show of two brothers and their constant fight against demons, is filmed in and around my hometown. I'm personally a fan of the show, and I was walking through a local park when I saw a notice on a park map board. It mentioned that the show was being filmed in the park on a certain date, so me and my mother who is a also a fan of the show, decided to return the night it was being filmed.

This happened to be a great, but terrifying experience. A security guard told us to walk through this large, but tree-shrouded path until we reached the set, so me and my mom walked alone on this pitch black dirt path, with one flashlight. My eyes kept tricking me into thinking that I was seeing things through the trees. We were both a little nervous so we decided to jog our way to the set. Finally, we reached some lights and saw the whole film crew and set. We walked down to behind the cameras where a very kind woman led us through the rest of the set. Everyone was moving out of our way and smiling at us, and didn't treat us like a disturbance. Once we got behind the equipment, I saw Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (As most know play Dean and Sam). They were standing in front of a fake campfire where a wrapped body lay. Their nice black car was behind them too. Bede me, I noticed another bloody wrapped body, which was an extra prop I assumed. Eventually, the woman (who's name was Louise) yelled QUIET, and I heard someone faintly call acton. I couldn't hear what the actors were saying, but eventually they threw something into the fire and it lit up, which was helped from special effects. They did this twice or three times, I can't quite remember. Louise told us that we had to leave at that point becuase they were wrapping up, but that was understandable. I was really hoping we could meet Jensen and Jared, but Louise never offered, so I was a little too afraid to ask. Overall, it was an awesome experience, and it was great seeing all the set pieces and camera equipment too.
A.Silent.Hill Wednesday 3/28/2012 at 04:41 PM | 91861