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Studio 91 Is Here At The 'Bid!!

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself, I am Ethan Norris, I am Owner of Studio 91. Studio 91 was created to make high quality masks and great art pieces. I currently offering what I call the Bank Heist, Its the mask you see in the opening scene of The Dark Knight. These are casted in either thick or thin latex, thats your choice, and painted either clean or hero paint.



I am awaiting the molds for 3 new Myers masks. It has been awhile nce I have been on a forum, so I just wanted to get a introduction out there and hope to make some new friendships with everyone!

If anyone is interested in a Bank Heist , My webte is:

Use the code: HRB.COM for a lil discount!

Also we have alot of future products on the projects list including a Leslie Vernon mask, Sweet Tooth , and a Heath Ledger's The Joker Bust!

Take Care!

Studio91 Wednesday 4/04/2012 at 01:40 AM | 92107
Welcome Ethan!! Great to have you here Brother!
dolofOnos Wednesday 4/04/2012 at 01:42 AM | 92108