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"The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor"...A MUST READ!

The Governor. Known in "The Walking Dead" as one of the most vile, sadistic, evil characters ever created. His name brings about waves of revulon. But what made the man the monster? Was he always a bad guy? Was he just like you & I and snapped during the outbreak? Those questions & more are answered in the novel "The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor".

This is the story of Philip Blake, his daughter Penny, & his brother Brian. Set in the early days of the outbreak, the novel serves as a prequel to the comic; you'll find events that happen in the book have tie ins & inadvertent consequences for Rick Grimes & his band of survivors, though the 2 groups never meet in the story. Blake's group & friends find themselves struggling to survive in the emergence of the new world. Media outlets go off the air, law & order fails, and the dead overtake the Earth in merely a matter of weeks. Along the journey to reach/escape Atlanta and find a new home for themselves, you'll grow to care about the characters in this story just as you do about Rick's group.

But you will also see how both men differ. Where Rick tries to stay on the straight & narrow and ensures that some semblance of the life they knew is present in the new world, you will see just how exactly a man breaks in Philip's group. In a way, this novel humanizes the monster. It shows you a de of the Governor that you didn't know was there before. And after reading this book, the first in a trilogy of planned novels, it is entirely posble that you may look at one of the most notorious villains ever created in a new light. While the Governor is a reprehenble character, once you see the circumstances that led to creating him, you will understand how it is posble for someone to become that evil.

Written by Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonannga, this is an AWESOME read. If you've read the comic & watch the TV show, you can ealy picture in your head what is transpiring. Even being a novel, it is incredibly descriptive and doesn't hold back on the gore, language, etc. If you're not familiar with "The Walking Dead" & are looking to get into it, this is the perfect place for you to start. I couldn't put the book down; it's just as much of a page turner as the comic & leaves you hungering for more. Definitely pick it up, you will not be disappointed!
CZW_CJBecker Friday 4/06/2012 at 09:53 PM | 92206
Damn! I saw this at barnes and nobles but decided to pass on it. shouldve def went with it now. Good article and ill def pick it up fri when im around there! Thanks lol
kizzle Wednesday 4/11/2012 at 07:09 PM | 92375